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The Oritani Power Squadron is one of 450 squadrons spread across the country, some US territories, and Japan, that belong to the United States Power Squadrons® Sail and Power Boating, the world's largest non-profit boating organization.
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Effective January 9, 2006, a NJ Approved Boating Safety Course Is A Mandatory Requirement!
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The Squadron Burgee
If you are a boating enthusiast like all of us, members of this squadron, and live or work in northern New Jersey, we hope that you will get excited with the idea of improving your education through our public USPS Basic Boating Course, and ultimately become a fellow member. Over 3,000,000 boaters have benefited from this course since 1914, and many have joined our organization to share their experiences and improve their skills together with other people with the same passion for boating.


Our activities involve three primary objectives

Community Service

Continuing Education

Friendship and camaraderie among fellow members

It includes boating safety courses to boaters in our community. They are open to the public and there is no age limit. The course meets the educational requirements for boat operation in all states. Please learn more about this course in our Educational Department.
Our organization also assists the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Association (NOAA) update their nautical charts and geodetic marks

We offer many carefully planned courses to our members, such as Seamanship, Piloting, Plotting and Position Finding, Celestial Navigation, Cruise Planning, Engine maintenance, Marine Electronics, Sailing, and many more. There are quite a few insurance companies that provide discounts - sometimes substantial amounts - to those who complete our advanced boating courses. The advanced course listing is in our Educational Department page.

As a member, you will join with other knowledgeable boaters familiar with the local waters, the best anchorages, marinas and boat repairs. You are also automatically invited to join the squadron and district cruises, rendezvous, predicted log contests, rafting and other on-water activities. Activities ashore include meetings with marine programs, parties, dinner dances, picnics and field trips. Please take a closer look at some of our other activities.


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