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The Public Boating Course is given to the general public as a civic service and is one of the prerequisites for any person who wishes to become a member. The Advanced Grades and other courses are given only to members of our organization.

Our Public Boating Course is offered to any woman, man, and teen who is not a member of USPS but is concerned about safe boating. The USPS Boating Course have helped more than 3,000,000 people since 1914 to get acquainted with the nautical rules and regulations, the forces of nature that affect our activity, and the traditional courtesies at sea. It also helped to learn the basics about the mariner's compass, chart plotting, engine troubleshooting, speed-time-distance calculations, bearing taking, and many other subjects.

With today's waters overcrowded with high speed boats, sail boats, personal watercrafts, skiers, and almost any imaginable floatation device, it makes more sense than ever to learn about the rules of the road, safety, and other subjects that will keep your days on the water enjoyable times for you and your family. Safe boating is the main purpose of our public boating course. Please take a look at the course outline and its schedule, below.

Our Advanced Grades Program is designed for those members who want to improve their boating knowledge and skills. Our Squadron offers carefully planned courses in such subjects as Seamanship, Piloting, Plotting and Position Finding, Celestial Navigation, Cruise Planning, Engine Maintenance, Marine Electronics, and many more. Grade and Certificate are awarded to our members upon successfully completion of each course.
After reviewing the complete listing of the courses we offer, please contact our Squadron Educational Officer, who will be happy to assist you with more details about the courses you want to take.


This is your opportunity to acquire an outstanding education in a variety of important and interesting subjects related to safe recreational boating.

Public Boating Course - Advanced Courses


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